The Inside Story

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One out of every three women will experience pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) at some point in her life. PFD often manifests as bladder, bowel, and or sexual dysfunction. How does one know if they are experiencing PFD during the various stages of their life, and what can be done to help address it?

The Inside Story is a book designed to help ease life cycle transitions for women. It addresses the various pelvic health issues that may arise during the life cycle and provides practical exercises and guidance to help address it.

The goal of this book is to excite women who are embarking upon the wonderful journeys of intimacy, pregnancy, and motherhood. Furthermore, children may experience a variety of symptoms, such as urinary incontinence and/or constipation, and this book addresses those issues as well. It will also discuss the aging-related changes that women may experience later in life.

This book shares information about pelvic floor dysfunction and women’s health so that those suffering in silence can seek out appropriate treatment. This book will also serve as an outlet for us to engage in all kinds of topics related to women’s health, focusing on the issues that many women are uncomfortable discussing.

Please note: There are two versions of the book. Please purchase and enjoy the version of the book that is most appropriate for you.