Kallah Consults/Introduction to Intimacy

We are living in a very challenging time, one that has impacted every aspect of our lives and families, with much unknown still ahead. Many important services have been curtailed due to social distancing, and telehealth services have become much more common than previously. We are all adjusting to this “new normal” and are trying to proceed with our lives to the best of our abilities. This includes people adjusting their wedding plans and continuing to get married under these different circumstances.

Many women know very little about their pelvic floors and are apprehensive about physical intimacy, especially ones who have never been able to insert a tampon. As pelvic floor physical therapists we are trained and equipped to help address these concerns. We have helped many women with pelvic floor muscle overactivity, vaginismus, and sexual dysfunction. Many have reported that they wish they would have known about these services and been educated about their pelvic floors prior to marriage.

Revitalize Physical Therapy is now offering telehealth services, “Introduction to Intimacy/Kallah Consults.” Topics that can be addressed include: introduction to anatomy, how to use dilators, and how to perform diaphragmatic breathing. In one or two sessions possibly, women can become more comfortable in any of these areas and be more prepared for their wedding and beyond.

Women interested in scheduling a session can click here. For more information, please feel free to email us at riva@revitalizephysicaltherapy.com or call us at 732-595-1378. We look forward to the opportunity to help you.