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Fortunately, women’s health currently receives more attention and limelight than in previous generations.  Researchers have acknowledged that men and women function and respond to various treatments differently, and they also recognize that signs and symptoms of certain diseases may manifest differently based on gender.  This has led to more gender specific research than in the past.

Another important and popular concept is PREVENTATIVE medicine.  As I like to say, an ounce of prevention is worth MORE than a pound of cure.  This is especially important for fast paced and high pressurized societies where the hours at work are long and little to no time is spent on healthy food preparation or exercise.  As a health care provider, I view it is as my responsibility to discuss healthy life habits to combat the natural tendency we have towards unhealthy habits and to provide my readers with information about how to fight that uphill battle.

That being said, I want to share an incredible recent article from Lifehack, by Kasturi Roy, which addresses preventative women’s health in a clear and highly inclusive manner.  The information is provided in the form of an infograph, and it was originally presented by Be Independent.  It addresses recommended frequency of various screening examination and it provides information about vaccinations.  Furthermore, it provides general health guidelines regarding medication, diet, alcohol consumption, and exercise.  Much of the information is credited to John Hopkins Medicine, Prevention Guidelines for Women 50-64 years old.

I strongly encourage you to print the infograph for easy reference.  Furthermore, feel free to like and share this blog post so that others can benefit from the valuable information contained within the infograph.  That one small act has potentially far reaching effects, and if it helps even one individual then it is worthwhile.